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FootNote Reflexology Removes Your Stress

FootNote Reflexology delivers stress relief by focusing on individual needs. We create consistent results that eliminate discomfort by applying this approach to every customer experience. If the fast pace of life has you feeling worn out, then our trained professionals will help you to regain your energy!

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We provide a total of eight incredibly comfortable reclining foot reflex massage chairs to help you unwind from a challenging day. Our natural healing spa experience also includes four massage beds and two monkey chairs.

Our team focuses on balancing your Chi and stimulating the nerves to improve your body’s vitality.

    You can adapt each session by incorporating massage bundles and several add-ons to achieve the precise level of relief your body requires.

    If you are ready to eliminate the pain and stiffness in your feet, back, neck, shoulders, or legs, then now is the perfect time to visit FootNote Reflexology. Let our positive energy and skilled staff complete your restoration process.


    What They Say

    Mei Yun

    Did a 90 mins foot massage and the massage was great and love the correct pressure on the sore parts on my thighs and feet.

    Devin Ten

    Nice and clean environment, I had a back massage, the service is good and professional. It really help my back ache. highly recommend.

    Josephine Ng

    Love the clean & cosy ambience. I was given a warm eye mask to put on while having my leg massage by a professional masseuse. Feel so relax. Will come back again.

    Fiona Yew

    Great ambience and nice people!! Super approachable and accommodating to my needs!
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