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FootNote Reflexology provides world-class services at competitive prices. We help you to experience increased vitality through natural healing approaches.

Widely raved by local influencers, customers, and review portals, you can rest assured that our experience in foot reflexology and body massages will help to ease your pain and stress levels.

Singapore offers access to a rewarding life, but it comes at the price of a fast-paced environment. There are days when it feels like you are always on the move. A massage chair and other automatic tools can provide some relief, but no machine can replicate the benefits of human touch.

When you experience pain, then your muscles are sending a signal that you cannot ignore. An excellent foot and body massage can provide relief even from repetitive overuse, postural distortion, or poor habits.

Now is the time to make your health a top priority. If you are ready to feel more energetic, then schedule your appointment with our staff today. We’re conveniently located at Paya Lebar Quarter!

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