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Dear Customers,

Please find the following on our customer policy:

General Sales Policies for Treatment Programmes and Products.

  • Prices will be presented to you in the manner that is clear, simple, accurate and easily understood. All charges including discounted pricing shall be revealed to you before confirmation of purchase. Receipt or proof of purchase shall be given to you for purchases made unless the customer does not require it.
  • Payment must be made in full in Singapore Dollars Via Cash, PayNow, GrabPay, Nets, Visa, Master or AMEX.

Specific Sales Policies Relating to Treatment Programmes

  • Treatments are non-refundable after the cooling off period of 5 days. However, after the cooling off period, the company will on case to case basis choose to do a non-monetary refund and exchange it to products or other services that is suitable and deemed fit by the company. If you choose to cancel the treatment programme within the stipulated period of 5 days, we shall refund you within 30 days. After the cooling period there shall be no refunds, but the management may grant the option to exchange for any of our retail products equivalent of your balance unutilized portion of treatment programme.
  • Should the customer insist on a refund during the cooling off period, the customer will be liable for any bank charges incurred from that transaction, and the amount refunded will be based on the total value purchased minus the usual ala-carte price of any treatments done.

Packages Sales Policies

  • All packages have an expiry date of 1 year from date of purchase, which will be printed on your receipt. Unutilized credits shall be forfeited after the expiry date.
  • Price changes – Please note that prices of all or specific services may be increased at any time without prior notice. If the list price of specific service items has been increased, their corresponding package credit price will also be increased at the same rate. Eg. if the price of our Signature Foot Reflexology is increased by 5%, then the credit redemption price will also be increased by 5%
  • Cooling off period – There is a 5-days cooling off period during which you may request for a refund of unused credits. The package price less services utilized and/or products given calculated at the usual ala-carte price is the refund amount to customer. Alternatively, package credits can be converted to a different service package of your choice. As the cost of service for different treatments are different, we may not be able to convert credits on a 1:1 basis and price of products bundled with package sold (if any) has to be deducted from the credits for conversion.

Specific Sales Policies Relating to Retail Products Sales

  • All retail products are non-refundable. Products can be changed to other product of its equivalent value within 2 weeks of purchase. This is provided that the product is returned in its original packaging unused along with the proof of purchase.


  • All personal data and information provided by you to us shall be strictly kept in confidence. Every effort shall be made to ensure that it’s in line with our Personal Data Protection Policy.


  • We reserve the rights to change, amend, insert, or delete any of the terms and conditions, or policies, without prior notice.


Last update: Jan 2020

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