Plantar fasciitis causes pain at the bottom of one’s heel. The plantar fascia is a thick, web-like ligament that connects your heel to the front of your foot. It acts as a shock absorber and supports the arch of your foot, helping you walk and move naturally. Foot Reflexology/Massage has been said to help treat this condition if done regularly.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common orthopedic condition and problem. Your plantar fascia ligaments experience a lot of wear and tear in your daily life. Too much pressure on your feet can damage or tear the ligaments. The plantar fascia becomes inflamed, and the inflammation causes heel pain and stiffness.

Common causes of plantar fasciitis heel pain include:

Being overweight
Very high or low arches
Wearing inflexible shoes
Standing all day at work
Tight calf muscles or stiff ankle muscles
Walking barefoot for long distances

Foot massage is one of the easiest ways to accomplish the pain triggered by plantar fasciitis. Appropriate massage can decrease the pain you might feel in your foot when you walk or stand for elongated times.

Foot Massage is definitely a good way to ease the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. A 30 mins massage, twice a week can not only increase heart fitness, fortify bones, diminish your risk of developing conditions such as heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, bone diseases and stress or anxiety, it can also help with your heel pain.

Foot massage can be an intensely relaxing and healing treatment for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle damages or even daily work and play. At FootNote Reflexology, our massage therapist will not only simply help to relieve plantar fasciitis and other common kinds of arthritis, regular massages can also lessen stress and worry in the entire body. With aching and sensitivity in the foot, heel and calf zones, we understand that this condition can be painful.

Rest assured that we’re here to help you feel and look better! We’re all you knead 🙂

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