Studies over the years have shown that getting a massage not only helps you relax, but it also benefits one’s immune system.

It’s proven that regular massages increases white blood cell count, which plays a huge role in defending the body from diseases.

Remember to receive massages, as a regular routine. Massage in combination with other complimentary activities and treatments can help you look and feel your best. When your look and feel your best you will therefore be at the top of your game and become more productive at home, work, sports and in your everyday life.

Massages have proven to also lower your levels of cytokines, which are molecules that play a role in inflammation. Chronically high levels of inflammation are known to be associated with conditions such as asthma, cardiovascular disease and depression. Finally, massages can also have an impact on hormone levels. Receiving a massage decreases levels of cortisol, a stress hormone , and vasopressin, a hormone believed to play a role in aggressive behavior, according to the researchers.

Here are a few tips for reducing stress and boosting your immune system.

– Get a regular massage which will help lower your stress level and increase your immune system.
– Try to keep a positive attitude or at least work on it.
– Try to halt stress in its tracks, yes it’s hard when you can’t control it
– Manage your time. Give yourself time to get things done; don’t overwhelm yourself, you know your limits.
– Do things you enjoy, like cooking, reading or gardening.
– Take 15 to 20 minutes every day to sit quietly and reflect. Learn and practice relaxation techniques like yoga or deep breathing.
– Exercise regularly.
– Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs and don’t smoke
– Eat healthy, well-balanced meals
– Get enough rest and sleep, your body needs to recover and repair itself
– Seek out social support

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